Effect of change of team on player in basketball


The basketball team is more like a family

The effect of changing your family (team) members cannot be overemphasized, and it can be challenging.

Challenging in the sense that, you have to understand your new teammates and know how to go hands to hands with them.

Some basketball players were born to play specific positions, and some players develop the skills over time for certain positions.

A player who can fill in at multiple positions even if transferred to another is a valuable asset to a coach and his teammates, and he’s hard to keep off the floor. Imagine the almighty Kobe Bryant leaving L. A. Laker to play for Atlanta Hawks. Will he still perform at the same level or his performance will increase/decrease? Definitely, one the two will happen.

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant, imagen de Boston Herald

Five years ago, the Brooklyn Nets made a move and traded to acquire Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks. Today, Joe Johnson is doing great in Brooklyn, and as at 2013-2014 season, he was rated as number four on the list of a highest earning professional basketball player.

Larry Sanders, who left the league two years ago after five seasons with Milwaukee, was signed back with the struggling Cavaliers. The 6-foot- 11 shot blocker brings some needed frontcourt depth to the struggling NBA champions, who are just 2-5 in March 2016/2017 season.

The team got affected and the players too (he became better). Australian center Andrew Bogut signed a free agent contract with the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, who he opposed in the past two NBA Finals while playing for Golden State.

The 32-year- old is in his 12th NBA campaign after being the top overall pick in 2005 NBA Draft, and his arrival gives the Cavaliers´lineup another key inside player with championship experience.

Andrew Bogut
Andrew Bogut, imagen de foxsports

Most often in a basketball game, NBA players get better with the new team in which they are transferred to, even though he might face some little changes on getting used to the style of playing of his new team.

The truth is that change of team can only result either in negative or positive effect, but the effect depends on the player. Such change can be a blessing in disguise for a player as he/she will be forced to change.

If you play with better players, you will find out what does and does not work, and be able to change your game and bring on your A-Game.

On the other hand, such change can make a player become less if he/she finds it difficult to mix up with the new teammates.

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